Coach Estrella has taught children in ages Preschool through 6th grade in many different facets. She has successfully worked her way up into management and business administration in Corporate America. Estrella did not find inner peace and fulfillment until she began volunteering and working with different Children’s organizations, such as Hope 4Kids International, CCV STARS Sports and Sports Kidz AZ. Estrella is currently the Administrative Assistant for Sports Kidz AZ. She enjoys working “behind” the scenes, doing whatever is needed to make the organization 

 Coaching style and philosophy:  Estrella employs her outgoing personality to get everyone involved during practice and warm-ups. She brings excitement and joy to everyone out on the court or field or behind the scenes. When a child scrapes a knee, she is the first one there to help clean it up and “make it all better”. “In sports, children can find a positive place to channel their energies, and learn integrity, perseverance, dignity, humility, and perhaps most of all, hope and love. It is so important that we help foster these character traits, so that they will carry them into adulthood and become outstanding citizens. It is extremely important to her, to teach teamwork along with caring for others, while out on the playing field. Estrella holds to the fact, that athletes can have a sense of pride in working hard and doing their best, while displaying humility and sportsmanship. Estrella is committed to motivate and help children achieve their potential. “The way we act when we win is just as important, as the way we act when we do not win.”

 On a more personal note:  Estrella loves to spend time with her family and her dog, “Tonka”. She enjoys watching sporting events and loves traveling around the world to serve in missions. Estrella enjoys going out to the movies, concerts, camping and riding motorcycles with her husband. Estrella recently traveled to Kenya, Africa, to bring soccer and hope to the kids in an impoverished and depressed area. Estrella’s passion and heart’s desire is to make an impact in children’s lives by encouraging them to have faith that they can achieve anything in life. Estrella believes that she can do all things through “The One” who gives her strength. She states: “I am very blessed, and want to also pay it forward that others may be blessed.”

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


successful. Estrella can be found making multiple trips to stores, carrying equipment to and from the fields, and moping a gymnasium floors after a basketball tournament. It takes many hands, and hard work to bring sports, training and hope to children throughout our communities. Estrella is a huge asset to the Sports Kidz AZ Team. She helps get donations and manages logistics for fundraisers for our Homeless Kidz “Move” Camp. Estrella also handles calls, emails, paperwork and other administrative, assistant duties. Estrella is running the race, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to use athletics, as a tool to reach the next generation.


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