Coach Jonathan has over 5 years of coaching experience; ranging from Kindergarten through High School levels. He has trained youth in softball, basketball, soccer, football, and field hockey, while also organizing tournament and league schedules. In college, he was an activities coordinator for all of the intramural athletics programs at California Baptist University. Jonathan has a BS in Communication Studies, with a minor in Sports Management. Currently, Jonathan is the Athletic Director at Sports Kidz AZ,

 Coaching style and philosophy:  Jonathan’s coaching philosophy centers around excitement, discipline, hard work, and respect for both the game and every individual on the field of play. He believes that sports build character and teaches children about the ups and downs of life. Every individual deserves a chance to be involved in a youth sports environment, in order to grow and succeed, as this breeds ‘healthy’ competition.

 On a more personal note:  Jonathan is an athletics junkie. He played various sports throughout his young life, but focused mainly on basketball and soccer. He eats, breaths, and lives sports at all times. If Jonathan is not coaching or playing, then he probably is watching a sporting event. When he is not consumed by athletics, he is very close to his family and enjoys spending time with them. Playing games and working out, are two things that really help him relax. He also says he would eat pizza every day if he was allowed to. Jonathan desires to use sports to connect with others, especially the younger generation. He desires to teach young athletes the importance of being active and to develop them into honest, hardworking, and trustworthy individuals. “I am extremely blessed to be able to do what I love.”


 which includes administrative and head coaching duties in all of the programs. He views Sports Kidz AZ as an up and coming athletic entity that has the chance to greatly impact the lives of children through multiple sports outlets.



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